Should My Realtor Be Present During Showings?

So, you’ve decided to list your house—but have you thought about whether your realtor should be at your showings? Here are some things to consider when you’re listing your property with a real estate agency in Maricopa County, AZ.

Pros of having your realtor at showings

An onsite listing agent knows the ins and outs of the property being shown. They can highlight features that might otherwise be overlooked, and they can provide immediate answers to any questions from prospective buyers. With all the relevant information at their disposal, there’s no need for any follow-up emails, calls or texts, which could even wind up expediting the sale process.

For the seller, the realtor can provide guaranteed feedback on the listing. The listing agent can observe firsthand what excites or disappoints prospective buyers, and they can closely monitor how much interest there is in the property.

The seller might also find it reassuring that entering and locking up are only handled by someone they trust. After all, a house is usually the biggest investment people make in their lifetime, so it’s understandable if a seller doesn’t want to leave it in the hands of someone they don’t know.

Cons of having your realtor at showings

The biggest drawback to having your realtor attend showings is that their presence might make potential buyers feel uncomfortable. The presence of the listing agent serving the seller’s best interest is simultaneously advantageous to the seller, but possibly off-putting to prospective buyers. They have no existing relationship with your realtor, and the objectives of the potential buyer and the listing agent are diametrically opposed. The listing agent’s presence could deter the prospective buyer from freely speaking their mind or spending more time looking at the property.

Coordinating schedules can become even more difficult when including the listing agent’s availability, in addition to those of a prospective buyer and their agent. A scheduling conflict could lead to no showing at all! The listing agent could miss out on showing other properties, and their time could be better spent on marketing the home instead of attending showings for it.

Verdict: It depends!

As you can see, there’s a strong case to be made for both sides of the issue. There’s not even a consensus in the real estate industry—it can vary depending on the market, the listing price and the agent themselves.

A listing agent might want to attend any showings for premium properties with big price tags in order to better facilitate those sales. However, they might come to a different decision with the seller of a less expensive property.

Listing agents themselves might have specific preferences. Some staunchly believe in being present for their showings, while others don’t see the benefit. Standard practice also varies depending on the area.

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