How Should I Prepare My House for Sale?

When the time comes to sell your home, you have a unique opportunity on your hands. You can use the listing to clear out the junk in your home and make the property more attractive to your potential buyers. Here are some strategies to help, from a trusted real estate agency in Maricopa County, AZ.

Start with donation and trash piles

The first thing to do when prepping your home for sale is clear out the clutter. Anything you don’t plan to take with you to your new home should get donated to charity or tossed in the trash. Be very methodical here. Start by clearing out the garage and consolidating everything in one corner. The idea is to secure as much space as possible.

Once the garage is cleared out, move into the bedrooms and repeat the process. Pack up everything that isn’t going to be donated, trashed or essential for your day-to-day life and move it into the garage. Since you previously cleaned the garage out, you should have plenty of room to store your non-essential items where they will remain dry and out of the way.

Don’t forget to store any dishes you won’t be using, either.

The goal is to clear out closets and clutter so that potential buyers have space to imagine their own things in the home as they explore your property.

Deep clean the home

Once your non-essential items are packed in boxes, it’s time to get your house cleaned, both inside and out. This is more than a conventional dust and vacuum. Be sure to shampoo the carpets, pressure wash the exterior, trim trees and dust out cabinets. Think of it as detailing your home.

Any realtor in Maricopa County, AZ will tell you that it’s critical to ensure your home is looking its best both inside and out before you have potential buyers stop by. This will increase your home’s appeal to an immense degree.

Stage the house

Finally, once everything is cleaned, it’s time to stage your home. Don’t leave this step to your intuition. No doubt your home is perfectly lovely, but realtors use the staging process less as an expression of taste and more as a means of showcasing the space.

When the time comes to start staging, make sure you enlist the help of a professional.

Get help from a team you can trust

When the time comes to list your home, the best bet for your future is to call on a trusted realtor in Maricopa County, AZ like Ellen White Real Estate. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest in real estate, you can count on us to help you accomplish whatever goals you have in mind.

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